Enabling Hermetic Solutions with Microelectronics Technology

At last, a complete solution for harsh environment microelectronic companies.  Hermetic Solutions Group is comprised of four leading hermetic packaging and component manufacturers.


Enabling Microelectronics Technology

At last, a complete hermetic solution for harsh environment microelectronics companies. We offer turn-key packaging, enabling hermetic components and integration & final sealing.


"Turn-key Packaging"


"Enabling Components"


"Integration and Final Sealing"

Hermetic Solutions is the premier supplier of hermetic packaging and components.

Our Value Proposition

Our customers are at the center of everything we do
  • High Performance
  • Prototyping to Production Volumes
  • Product Customization
  • Broad Application Knowledge
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Cost Effective Manufacturing

Hermetic Connectors

Using technologies such as Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic and explosively bonded metals, we design and manufacture hermetic DC and RF/microwave connectors for extreme environments.

Integrated Electronic Packaging

Custom hermetic electronic packages that help companies reduce weight, manage thermal issues and reduce the size of their mission critical, hermetic modules.

Hermetic Lids

Securing Hermeticity in High Reliability Microelectronic Devices

Getter Solutions

Adsorbing Contaminants in Hermetic Packages

Solder and Braze Preforms

Offering complex geometries and materials for attaching electronic circuitry and packaging electronic devices

Thermal Management Components

Dissipating Heat from Sensitive Electronics

Lead Frames and Ring Frames

Extensive Metal Piece Part Solutions for Microelectronics

Feed thru Integration

State-of-the-art laser welding facilities ensure connectors are efficiently integrated into housings for long-term hermetic reliability.

Laser Systems, cutting, welding and sealing

Offering world-class laser systems for glovebox hermetic sealing and laser welding, cutting and drilling services.

Bonded Metals

Our bonded metal technology uses an explosive charge to permanently join otherwise incompatible metals such as aluminum and stainless steel.

7 manufacturing sites in 3 countries
106 years of combined hermetic packaging manufacturing experience
100000 customized solutions
4000 satisfied customers
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