Aerospace & Defense

Hermetic Solutions Group companies manufacture high-reliability components for military aircraft system (new production & retrofitting), drone, satellite, missile, radar, electronic warfare, and naval applications.

Optical Networking

Hermetic Solutions Group companies provide high-reliability components for systems that utilize light signals to transmit large quantities of data at high rates of speed across vast distances. Applications include: metro access, long haul and more.


Leading implantable medical device and diagnostic tool and medical imaging systems choose products from the Hermetic Solutions Group for their mission-critical systems. Applications include implantable cardiovascular, neuro-stimulator and cochlear devices as well as surgical tool, endoscope, mammography and other medical applications.


Companies focused on energy exploration and extraction need systems that are reliable at extreme temperatures and pressures. Hermetic Solution Group companies produce components that deliver that reliability to down-hole oil tool manufactures’ LWD (logging while drilling) and MWD (measure while drilling) systems.

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