• Custom built integrated electronic packaging
  • Utilizes common and unique materials in its manufacturing processes to meet the exacting standards for high reliability that medical device, satellite, missile, fighter aircraft, down-hole tool and other mission-critical systems require

High Performance Hermetic Packaging

-Industry leading reliability

-Lightweight packaging solutions

-Optimized for thermal performance, CTE

High Performance Hermetic DC, RF/Microwave Connectors

-Special emphasis on laser weld attachment

-Unique ability to handle high voltage and high current

-Focus on ultra-reliability

Hermetic Sight and RF Waveguide Windows

-Direct glass-to-metal ceramic sealing technology

-Standard and custom options

Explosively Bonded & Formed Metal

-Unique metal combinations created via explosive welding

-Explosive hydroforming eliminates expensive tooling for large scale, low volume applications

Design expertise and manufacturing capabilities enable PA&E to continually support customer requirements

PA&E’s Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Provides a variety of value-add services to our customers through each stage of the manufacturing process
  • In the pre-production phase, our experienced engineers and designers help companies optimize product designs for size, weight, thermal conductivity and more
  • We bring drawings to life with a focus on quality at every step
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