Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing with Kryoflex®

Only Kryoflex  Ceramic-to-Metal Seals are Hermetic Now… And Forever!

Kryoflex polycrystalline ceramic — a multiple-phase derivative of ceramic oxide crystalline silicates— was developed by the Hermetic Solutions Group as a ceramic-to-metal alternative to compression glass and metallized alumina ceramics.

Chemically active Kryoflex provides, by means of oxygen pinned valence bonding, a direct union during the fusion processing of a ceramic to metal entity. This consistent chemical and mechanical bond is secured by Kryoflex’s randomly organized crystalline structure, which allows this material to relieve stresses from within itself.

Kryoflex ceramic-to-metal seals provide a resistance of 1×1018 ohms/cm. It easily maintains resistance values exceeding 50,000 Megohms — even in micro-miniature designs. Stand-off voltage capability is such that breakdown will always occur in the air media surrounding the terminal and never through the dielectric.

Neither Vibration — Nor mechanical thermal Shock — will degrade Kryoflex ceramic-to-metal hermetic seals.

Kryoflex is a key technology that allows the Hermetic Solutions Group to deliver hermetic connectors that withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, and hazardous chemicals.

The Hermetic Solutions Group’s Kryoflex family of materials offer options for adjustable coefficients of linear expansion, so there are options for a wide variety of shell and conductor materials. Kryoflex does not require the addition of formers, so the material remains useful as an insulator from 400°F to +1,400°F with no loss of hermetic integrity.

Because Kryoflex seals directly to copper alloys, our hermetically sealed ceramic-to-metal connectors have excellent current-carrying capacity. When used with aluminum, Kryoflex permits hermetically-sealed connectors to be robust and lightweight, while using copper alloy conductors. For applications requiring greater strength, Kryoflex also works well with titanium, stainless steel or Inconel shells along with platinum, platinum-clad titanium, or Inconel pins.

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