MIL-0-13830 Hermetic Windows

MIL-0-13830 optical windows from the Hermetic Solutions Group can be produced in almost any size or shape - round, square, or rectangular- to meet specific requirements.

Glass material and shell material combinations include: borosilicate/Kovar F-15;  soda lime/stainless steel alloy, sapphire/Kovar F-15 and 8337 borosilicate/Kovar F-15.

As experts in hermetic sealing, metal and glass technologies and with competitive lead times and unparalleled quality, Hermetic Solutions Group is absolutely the right partner for all of your optical window needs.


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Shell/Glass Material Combinations
Shell Material Glass Material
Kovar (F-15) Borosilicate
Stainless Steel Alloy Soda Lime
Kovar (F-15) Sapphire
Kovar (F-15) 8337 Borosilicate
Shell/Glass Material Combinations