High-Temperature/High-Pressure Connectors

In the deep-well oil exploration industry and in other extreme applications, high pressures and temperatures act together to stress components, and those effects build over time.

Withstanding high pressure alone is a challenge — one that becomes more complex when elevated temperatures are added to the mix. Increased exposure time to these hostile environments adds yet a further complication. Hermetic Solutions Group's patented Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic technology is a great solution for companies looking for hermetic reliability well past the standard 175°C / 20KPsi range.

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Kryoflex® Hermetic Connectors

Using Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic, the Hermetic Solutions Group manufactures high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) hermetic connectors and feedthrus that perform reliably despite these environmental challenges. The controlled CTE and chemical bonding properties of Kryoflex® ensures rugged hermetic seals with excellent electrical characteristics, even in extreme high-pressure, high-temperature environments. We bring our customer’s designs to life in Inconel, titanium or iron/nickel alloys.


Types of HPHT Kryoflex® Hermetic Connectors

HPHT Series

The series of high-pressure, high-temperature hermetic connectors is divided into two groups:

  • Series 100 includes single-pin feedthrus
  • Series 200 includes circular connectors.

Custom Hermetic HPHT Connectors

We specialize in custom high-pressure, high-temperature connectors for the down-hole oil industry. We bring our customer’s designs to life in Inconel, titanium or iron/nickel alloys. Our technology is a solution for companies looking for reliability past the 175°C / 20KPsi range. Incorporating the patented Kryoflex® polycrystalline ceramic, we manufacture reliable high-pressure, high-temperature hermetic connectors to meet the environmental challenges down-hole oil tools face. The unique properties of the Kryoflex® ceramic-to-metal seal gives the seal a hermetic leak rate of less than or equal to 1×10-9 CC/SEC He at 1 ATM differential pressure at temperatures up to 260°C.